100 Ways to Cope With Stress – Day Three

Avoid tight fitting clothes – WOW! This hits home. I have some underclothing I will NOT wear to certain events where I want to be comfortable. I did not realize the underlying reason was to relieve my stress at these events! I think another reason for not wearing tight fitting clothes is because God wants us to dress modestly. Now I know this might sound like meddling to some of my readers, but I tend to think it’s true. Let’s be honest – men are “turned on” by the visual. When women wear clothes that are too tight fitting, well, need I say more? It is growing more and more difficult to tell Christians by our dress in this day and age. Personally, I don’t think our holy heavenly Father is very happy with the way women are dressing themselves today. It seems like anything goes anymore. There doesn’t seem to be the least little iota of shame with some of our clothing. I don’t think we are to go back in time like to the black dresses of the Victorian times, but I do think we should try to dress ourselves in a modest and humble way. God tells us He wants us to be a peculiar people. I think that means in the way we dress as well. I Timothy 2:9 tells us, “In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety.” Just my thoughts!


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