100 Ways To Cope With Stress – Day 13 – Simplify Meal Times

I know this is a real stress buster because I’ve done this many times. Not only with the individual meals themselves but in planning my weekly meals. It really is a big help when you know what you are going to prepare and eat for every meal for the week. It also helps save money because when I do this, I find I spend less money at the grocery store because I don’t have to buy impulsively or purchase items I might use but sometimes never do. The Bible tells us to be proactive. It doesn’t use that word but the principle is there. Redeeming the time, as I spoke of yesterday, is part of being proactive. So, yes, planning ahead for our food needs is simplifying meal times.

Another aspect of this is to not prepare huge meals which only tempt us to overeat. When my father took over the cooking after his retirement, he would only make enough for each of us to have one serving. It was part of his being frugal and not having leftovers cluttering the fridge only to go bad in a week if not eaten. But I think, too, it was because he was trying to watch all of our waistlines. The wisdom in that is obvious and needs no comment.

When I prepare my meals a week in advance, I’m going to try to be more thankful to my heavenly Father who constantly and freely makes provision for me to have plenty to eat in a world where so many go hungry every day.


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