100 Ways To Cope With Stress – Day 17 – Ask for help with jobs you dislike

Does this mean I can hire a cleaning lady? I wish. Say I’m on the job. I have to balance the budget, but I know I am weak in this area. Perhaps I could ask one of my coworkers, who is very good with numbers, to do this job. Voila! No more stress!

Say I’m at home and I have to do my laundry. Perhaps I could begin to train my teenager, who seems to do nothing lately but text, to tackle the dirty clothes. Voila! No more stress!

Isn’t this neat?

My point is there are a lot of jobs that I may do that I really don’t like to do that I could delegate, ask or pay others to do to relieve my stress. I don’t HAVE to do everything myself. Some time there are ways to delegate to others jobs I don’t like to do, but they don’t have to know that’s the reason I’m asking them. I wonder if Martha was this sort of person who couldn’t delegate but felt she had to do everything herself.

My former neighbors had 3 teenage sons, and it used to irk me so much when I would see the father, who worked very hard to provide a decent living and home for those boys, carry the garbage can out to the curb every week. Something wasn’t right with that picture in my mind’s eye. Now he may have thoroughly enjoyed that job and didn’t WANT to delegate it to his sons, but I always felt as if he wasn’t using it as a teaching moment for them.

Enough about others and how they choose to live their lives. Even Jesus delegated the job of finding out who in the multitudes had food with them so He could divide the loaves and fishes. I’m not suggesting He didn’t enjoy that job of finding the food to feed the 5,000, but He certainly did know how to delegate.

So should I. They may not always be jobs I don’t like to do, but I think the lesson here is to not always feel as if I have to do everything myself because that indeed can lead to a stressful life.


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