100 Ways To Cope With Stress – Day 18 – Break large tasks into bitesize portions.

I’ve been out of touch for about a week because I’ve been sooooooo busy! The life of a writer is certainly a busy one! But I’m back posting about 100 ways to cope with stress published by The Carolina Center for Behavioral Health.

I am learning to do the suggestion for today – breaking down large tasks into bitesize portions. This really works! There is a quote that says  – How do you move a mountain? One shovel full at a time! That is so true!

I actually set a timer for either 15 or 30-minute segments to clean my house, organize drawers, straighten the garage, clean the fridge, anything that is a big, time-consuming job, I only do it for a little time at any given time and voila! it gets done with not a lot of stress and effort on my part.

I think this works and relieves stress because, when you know you only have to work at a difficult job for just a little bit of time, your brain says, “Yes! I can do that. I can accomplish it because it isn’t hard.” When I look at a huge project, and think I have to do it all at once, I have the tendency to procrastinate and sometimes never do it.

The Bible says, “The desire accomplished is sweet to the soul…” Proverbs 13:19. When you can see progress in your never-ending, time-consuming projects, it is most certainly sweet to the soul.

Try it today! Set your timer for 15 or 30 minutes on a big project and every day do the same. You may have put a project off for a long time but at the end of the week it will most likely be done, any you will feel so good!


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