100 Ways To Cope With Stress – Day 22 – Be prepared

Now this stress reliever I can really attest to! I was a Girl Scout for seven years of my life, and their motto is – Be prepared! After having that motto drilled into my head once a week for seven years, I have discovered being prepared really works! Today the term is being proactive.

I love being proactive! Have you ever tried it? There are so many ways we can be proactive. With our health as in preventative medicine like eating right and exercising and in our finances, we can establish a budget and even cut up our credit cards!

But in carrying an umbrella even when the sun is shining is truly being prepared. There is a man in my neighborhood who I see walking all the time. He is tall and thin and I ALWAYS see him carrying an umbrella no matter what the weather is. He just doesn’t want to get caught in the rain.

That’s the whole premise behind being prepared or proactivity – so that we don’t get “caught” missing out on something or getting hurt unnecessarily.

Again, it’s being a good steward of our time and talents. Go for it!!


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