100 Ways to Cope With Stress – Day 34 – Stop saying negative things to yourself

I love this one! Self talk, the words we say to ourselves, is so very important in our lives. I learned this a long time ago as I used to do some pretty negative talking to myself. But I found out, through various circumstances and trials, that this is just not a wise or a good thing to do.

You’ve got to be your own very best friend in this world! No one, besides God, is going to be able to talk to you in a positive way the way you can. Let’s just say, for a whole day, the moment you get up in the morning, you say nothing but negative things to yourself. I’ll bet, by the end of the day, you are pretty stressed out and sad. Then, the next day, the moment you get up, begin to say positive things to yourself. I KNOW you will see and feel a difference!

That’s just the way God made us. Proverbs 16:24 says – “Pleasant words are as an honeycomb, sweet to the soul, and health to the bones.” Now I realize that verse can mean the words we say to others are like this, but I have a sneaking suspicion the words we say to ourselves can also be as sweet as honey to our OWN soul and health to our OWN bones.

Go ahead? Try it today. Sweet talk yourself! 🙂


4 thoughts on “100 Ways to Cope With Stress – Day 34 – Stop saying negative things to yourself

  1. This is so true! The tapes playing in our head are formed early on and it takes God to erase the negative ones and replace it with the good ones that He believes about us! It takes daily reading his Word and spending time with Him to be able to overcome those negative thoughts that others would throw at us, doesn’t it? Then we can say and think the good ones about ourselves and also about others too! Thanks Marilyn for sharing these reminders of how to cope with the everyday living of life- God’s way!

  2. I’m not a negative person, but I do what some might consider negative self-talk. But it’s not things like, “You’re stupid” or “Why can’t you do anything right?” It’s more like facing the reality of things I’m gifted in and things I’m not gifted in. In that case, I try to kind of humorously lay it on the table as a truth…because it is! But sometimes people will say, don’t be negative about yourself. I guess I don’t really see it as negative. I see it as reality…and still loving myself in spite of my failures. 🙂

    Now back to picking out colors for my logo–something I’m NOT gifted in. And no, I’m not being negative, I’m speaking the truth. And I love myself anyway!

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