100 Ways to Cope With Stress – Day 37 – Stop thinking tomorrow will be a better day.

I must admit, I do this. I tend to focus on tomorrow being a better day than today or any other day I’ve lived has been. I know why I do it. Right now, I am my mother’s caregiver. Sometimes that’s a challenging person to be. It’s hard to watch a parent age, grow frail, lose their eyesight and some memory and all of the other unpleasant things that go along with growing older.

So, sometimes, in order to cope for being on the sidelines watching this happen to her, I tend to think about the future and that tomorrow will be a better day. I can understand why not indulging in this is on the list of stress relievers.

When I do it, even though it seems to bring a momentary relief to whatever I’m facing, it also tends to bring discontentment into my life and thoughts.

God desires for each of His children to learn to be content in whatever state they are in. Philippians 4:11 confirms that. But I also don’t think it’s harmful to visualize dreams and goals we might have. Those are helpful thoughts. We should all have some goals we are working toward.

I think what is not helpful is dwelling so much on the future that it does bring a discontentment into our present. I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase – Bloom where you are planted. Contentment is a rare blossom in that garden. We can water that bud by staying in God’s Word and yielding ourselves to God daily so that we can think about the future, as we should, but we can also be content and joyful in the present – no matter what our circumstances.

Lord, sometimes there is discontentment in my heart and for that I’m truly sorry. I want to please You in my every deed and thought. I know You have placed me in this place, right now, to tend this soil. Help me to be contented, joyful and peaceful no matter what tomorrow may bring.


One thought on “100 Ways to Cope With Stress – Day 37 – Stop thinking tomorrow will be a better day.

  1. Amen Marilyn! and in response to your question (re my comment under the ‘bubble bath’ entry) about the state i live in, i tend to stick to direct emailing for personal bits of info. My email is listed at my blog site. Blessings :0) & thanks for posting such encouraging words.

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