100 Ways to Cope With Stress – Day 38 – Have goals for yourself

I’ve already written about setting goals, but we learn lessons in life by repetition so here we go again!

Goals are fantastic as stress relievers. Several weeks ago, I wrote about having a daily schedule of goals. I’ve continued to follow the schedule – not always perfectly – but, I don’t beat myself up over missing something. All in all, I’ve stuck with it pretty well. AND! I’ve discovered something. When I set a goal and meet it, it brings a wonderfully peaceful feeling into my heart. It also brings joy and contentment. All my life, I’ve pretty much gone through life on impulse. I’m a Sanguine-type personality and that’s just the way I’ve always run my life. But, it can be a tremendous weakness and it’s not always an effective way to live, I’ve learned. I am, with God’s help, trying to change some of those bad habits and that’s why I’m now learning to set goals and accomplish them. We’re never too old to learn!

Proverbs 13:19 is so true! “The desire accomplished is sweet to the soul.” In light of this verse, if you are suffering stress, then set some sort of goal – however tiny – and work to accomplish it and you are promised a sweetness will pervade your soul.  It’s God’s promise! And better yet, set that tiny goal as a daily goal and by the end of the week it will surprise you how good you feel.  Perhaps you have an untidy, cluttered closet that you’ve been putting off organizing. Set your time for just 15 minutes a day, and by the end of the week when that closet is clean, you will feel so good about yourself and the closet! How do you move a mountain? One shovelful at a time!

Many people suffer from depression today. I’ve also had a little of it, so I know how debilitating it can be. Whenever I would share with a close friend of mine how I was depressed about something, she would tell me to get busy. Work! Scrub the kitchen floor, something! I thought she was nuts, but I am beginning to see that in setting goals and working to accomplish them, I’m not depressed anymore. Who knew work would be a good thing? I say that with tongue in cheek for I know work is a good thing.

Lord, You know my weaknesses, but You also know how to overcome them. Please give me Your grace today to set some goals in life that would most benefit myself and others. Thank You, Lord, for the sweetness, the joy, the peace and the contentment that can pervade our soul when we trust You and surrender our time to work for Thee.


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