100 Ways to relieve stress – Day 41 – Ask someone for a hug

I am sort of a semi-hugger. Whenever I’m around someone else who is a hugger, I hug. But, left to myself, I only hug those I feel will accept that hug.  I found some interesting things on the web about the benefits of hugging:

“Hugs are a way of expressing love and healing for the soul. Sometimes, when there are no words that will help a situation, a simple hug will.

Hugs are needed; they can relieve pain and depression; they can make you healthier and happier; they help you feel good and overcome fear; they are a crucial part of human communications; they are a healthy and genuine way to express affection, friendship and love. It is never wrong to hug someone.

Hugs show love with speed and help the body’s immune system, reduce stress, induce sleep, are invigorating, have no unpleasant side affects, are all natural and are 100% wholesome!”

All of these quotes are from Irina Wardas, Women’s Holistic Health and Relationship Expert http://naturalcounselor.com/blog/holistic-recipes/hug-therapy-to-reduce-stress-fight-cold-and-flu-and-avoid-seasonal-depression/

All I can say is – WHO KNEW? Who knew all of these things could benefit us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually just from hugging? I can only imagine that Christ must have been a hugger, don’t you think? He probably hugged his family and his disciples and followers all the time. He may even have reached out to hug some of those Pharisees and Sadducees! They surely needed a hug!

I think I’m going to try to be more of a hugger now that I realize all of the benefits of it. So, here’s a cyber hug for you right now, from me!  {{{{{ }}}}}}}


4 thoughts on “100 Ways to relieve stress – Day 41 – Ask someone for a hug

    • Thank you, Renee! I’m not going to the stamp convention this weekend because I have no money! But I am going to spend a few hours at http://www.stampsandmorebyeleanor.com tomorrow with 3 friends. We’ll have fun anyway.

      Marilyn Shipe Greenville, SC http://christiandevotions.us/ https://mshipe4.wordpress.com/

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  1. love this topic! i once heard a taped msg by Bob Benson and in it he said something to the effect of, “i find offering hugs a pretty easy thing. i just open up my arms and people tend to walk right in.” it’s such a good way to demonstrate unconditional caring. thank you marilyn! (btw, do you have a private email address. i’d love to chat more) :0)

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