100 Ways to Relieve Stress – Day 44 Learn to whistle a tune

Have you heard anyone whistling lately? It seems to me it’s a dying art. I used to whistle a lot when I was young. After my weekly evening Girl Scout meeting, I would most definitely whistle when walking home because I had to pass one section of roadway where it was dark and there were no houses.

I was so stupid back then.

I know we were taught to whistle to drive away our fears, but I never gave a thought to the fact that if there WAS a boogie man hiding, ready to pounce on me, he would know I was walking past that spot because I was making so much noise!

In doing some research for this blog post, I found out that whistling is a pick-me-up and promotes feelings of happiness. It is impossible to be miserable and depressed while whistling. Try it and see. In this respect it has the same effect as smiling. Put a broad smile on your face then try to be depressed.

You can’t! The two just don’t go together.

I also found this quote on the Internet – “There are health benefits to whistling. It is good exercise for the lungs. When walking uphill, push yourself to whistle for two reasons. First, it serves as extra exercise for the lungs. Second, it makes the performance of walking easier. Moreover, the belly breathing required for sustained whistling is an excellent device for de-stressing.”

Who knew?

So, tomorrow or today, or whenever you feel stressed, try whistling a little tune. A good hymn suggestion for this would Amazing Grace.


6 thoughts on “100 Ways to Relieve Stress – Day 44 Learn to whistle a tune

  1. Reading your post brought back so many memories I have of my dad! He passed away in 1990. Listening to him whistle was such a comfort I had not experienced until I heard a neighbor whistling outside. He is gone too.
    I actually have a special treasure that was discovered by my younger sister a few years ago…a recording of him whistling “The Impossible Dream”! Oh, every time I hear it I think of how special those memories are to me and how lucky I was to have a dad who whistled so wonderfully! Though I miss him, I know he and my neighbor are whistling and waiting for me in Heaven. God is so good!

  2. My Dad has whistled ever since I can remember and still whistles…and once in awhile I will let out a loonnnnggg whistle as if to say, ‘Oh Wow!’ I will give it a try for a ‘stress reliever.’ …had never thought of it that way 🙂

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