100 Ways to Relieve Stress – Day 45 Read a Poem

William Shakespeare musing

Poetry as a stress reliever?

Do you remember, when you were in school, how your teachers made you read poetry? Did you like it? I did. I thought poetry was like music. I especially love rhyming poetry. I found a quote on the web that says, “One of the many attributes of poetry is that it conveys a maximum amount of thought and feeling in the fewest and most carefully chosen words.”

It goes on to say, “When you immerse yourself in rich, lively poetry, you introduce yourself to intense, concise, skillfully crafted language.” There seems to be a break down in language today. Here are some benefits of reading poetry:

  • Poetry helps to appreciate the sound and imagery of language
  • Poetry helps to understand and view ourselves and our world in new ways
  • Poetry enriches our lives as we discover words, sound, and rhythm in unique, creative ways
  • Poetry intrigues as it offers puzzles within puzzles
  • And poetry captures the essence of meaning in the sparest of language.

That’s quite an accomplishment for a little poem sometimes as small as four lines!

Some poems I have read have actually made me cry with joy. So you see, reading good poetry can uplift your heart and bring a sense of relief from stress.

Over the last year, the Lord has allowed me to write a few poems. Here are two I wrote. They probably don’t have all the exact beats, rhythms and whatever makes up a good poem, but I’m still going to own them.

A Mouse Tale

I knew a little mouse once
Whose name was Winifred.
She roamed around our house
While we lay sleeping in our beds.

She jumped upon the sofas
And lighted on the chairs.
Left footprints on the carpet
And covered all with hair.

Each night she ate the dog food
That Rover didn’t eat.
And drank up all his water
As the clock she tried to beat.

One night she made an error
As she dozed upon a mat.
For she forgot to stay awake
And watch for our new cat!

The dreary end of Winifred
Is a sad one you see,
To be queen of our household
Was never meant to be.


What special place is this
Where sinners go to die?
A place shaped like a skull
And no one knows just why.

What sorrowing place is this
Where mourners go to weep?
A place whose ground is always wet
As tears fall to their feet.

What joyful place is this
Where Christ laid down His life?
A place of victory for you and me
Oe’r death, and hell and strife.

Oh, sinner, can’t you see the truth
That Calvary had to be?
That Christ must die to pay the price,
He died for you and me.

Go read a poem!

(Quotes on poetry taken from: http://www.readingonline.org/electronic/webwatch/poetry/index.html)


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