100 Ways to Relieve Stress – Day 47 – Watch a ballet

To be honest – watching a ballet is not my cup of tea. But the fluidity and litheness of the human body is to be commended when one realizes these movements are only accomplished after years of practice and dedication. One study says, “audiences (of ballet) can experience physical and imaginative effects of movement without actually moving their bodies; that is, spectators can react in certain respects as if they were moving, or preparing to move.”

I can understand from that quote how watching a ballet could then be a stress reliever. As the ballerina appears to “float” across the stage to beautiful, relaxing classical music, we also seem to float with her as we watch. I could certainly use more fluidity and gracefulness in my life. Perhaps I wouldn’t stumble over my own feet so often.

Most ballets I’ve managed to observe seem to be set to a love theme, and we all know that showing love can relieve stress. Hmmmm, maybe there is some benefit from watching ballet after all.

What drives me to blog? To lift the discouraged and bring joy to the Father.

Quote from: http://www.watchingdance.org/about_us/


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