I’m back!

Allow me to apologize to my followers for not being as faithful as I should be with this blog. Due to some pressing circumstances in my life, I sort of “dropped out” of the writing scene for a while. During that time, God has been working in my heart and teaching me many things.

As most of you may know, I am a Christian. I am a blood-washed, born again, child of God through no means of myself but through the redemptive blood of Jesus Christ. It’s as simple as that and as complicated. I don’t mean to imply salvation is complicated because it isn’t. When we are drawn to Christ, and we see ourselves as sinners before a holy God, it’s as simple as putting our full trust in Him to save our souls and make us ready for heaven.

Salvation was not as easy for Christ as it was for me. He is the one who had to suffer through an agonizing death on a cruel cross. I had to die as well, but only spiritually, to myself and my own life. But I’m sure glad I did die! For this past Wednesday, it was 39 glorious years that I’ve first placed my trust in Christ and asked Him to save me. I have never one time regretted that decision. God has been teaching me lately that I need not only to put my full trust in Him for salvation of my soul but in every way and circumstance of my life. We all have many worries, doubts, fears, stresses and anxieties, but these are killers and unnecessary.

I met a sweet Christian lady yesterday in a store, and she began to confide in me how stressful her life is. With work, family and health issues, she was beside herself with worry. I tried to encourage her heart by sharing some of the lessons I’ve been learning about trust. But I thought about it later that since she is a professing believer in Christ, she already HAS her answer to her worries and stress! One very valuable tool in our tool belt that God has so graciously given to His children – His Word, and the fact that He cannot lie and if I choose to worry or doubt His word, then I’m calling Him a liar.

Allow me to let God tell you from His word: Casting ALL your care upon him; for he careth for you. 1 Peter 5:7. I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. Philippians 4:13 and, But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:19. If you truly believe these promises, then it doesn’t matter what circumstance or trial comes into your life, God will help you, and He cannot lie.

Are you fully trusting God for not only salvation but every moment of your day? This is the only way to live a life full of joy, peace and contentment in the face of stress and adversity.


5 thoughts on “I’m back!

  1. You’re right Marilyn. God does give us His word to assure us that He will provide for us. Something else I’ve found that He gives us is other people who encourage and comfort us in difficult times. He often works through others who will listen to our struggles, and pray with and for us. Other people are indispensable in growing closer to Him.

  2. Beautiful post Marilyn. I know of the experience you speak of when it comes to writing. I’ve been in the same place that I felt was a “be still and know” season. Hiding the Word in our hearts enables us to minister to those in need that we meet up with through those divine appointments, strengthening both the recipient and the messenger. Every believer has the answer to every problem, but too often we fail to summon the truth of God’s Word and instead, choose to wallow in our pity and suffering, finding an odd comfort there. Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty, if only we choose to take possession of what Christ offers. God bless you Marilyn. You’re a beautiful writer.

  3. Hi Marilyn,

    Very inspiring post it is true that God really does work in mysterious ways that we may not understand what the reason is whither it’s through other people in our lives that we have known for any length of time or someone we just met or things that happen to us good or bad and that there is a reason for everything some say these people are angels put here in our lives for a purpose to learn from or to teach them.
    If he brings you to it he’ll bring you through it!

    Thanks and God bless

  4. Hi Marilyn,

    It’s good to see you back. I too have been struggling of late; mostly with health issues. But I know that God will get me back on track like He did for you.

    In His Love,

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