Do you have a second birthday?

On a day entered from eternity in God’s private calendar, my heart is due to stop beating. When or how it will happen, I do not know. All I know is that some day, some way, my heart will stop, and what the world will call my death-day will really be a birthday – my THIRD birthday! What were my other two birthdays? #1 was when I left the womb, to see and feel and feed and shout as an inhabitant of this physical world; #2 was when I came from spiritual darkness twenty-two years later to see and feel and feed and shout about God’s salvation and Christ’s love for me. By “birthday.” you see, I mean not an anniversary but a day that sees me start enjoying gifts of God such as I had never before imagined. Said D. L. Moody, “Someday they’ll tell you Moody’s dead. Don’t you believe it! That day I’ll be before the throne; I’ll be more alive than I’ve ever been.” That is why my death-day will truly be a birthday. (Borrowed from Growing in Christ by J. I. Packer)

Everyone alive has at least one birthday. Do you have a second birthday? A time when you put your complete trust in the free gift of salvation offered in love to every living person? If you don’t, you will never have the opportunity to enjoy a third birthday in heaven with God.


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