100 Ways to Relieve Stress – Day 52 – Have Goals For Yourself

The one thing I desire a lot in this life, is not just to have goals, but to keep them. I suffer with extreme ADHD and I’m growing older by the minute! So, setting goals isn’t the problem – keeping them is. But I know the value of goal setting and the success which keeping them can bring.

I read an article recently on goal setting. It said the best goals are those you make which have an emotional attachment. That makes sense.

Maybe that’s my problem.

Perhaps my goals, which I’m finding most difficult to keep, are those that don’t really mean anything to me. I just repainted my kitchen and put up a pretty floral wallpaper. I struggled to finish the goal because it wasn’t the paint color choice or wallpaper pattern choice I wanted. Those belonged to someone else living in my house. I wonder, if they had been MY choices, would that have motivated me to get it done quicker rather than dragging on for weeks?

I think this is a great concept in setting and keeping goals. Make sure they are MY goals and not those of another. Oh, there’s nothing really wrong with setting goals which please and satisfy others. That’s a great part of life to do for others what they can’t or won’t do for themselves.

Another important aspect of goal setting is the fact that they bring focus into our lives and give us purpose. This is a super tip for those who suffer with ADHD. The one thing we struggle with a lot is lack of focus. If you have it, you know what I mean.

Some basic tips on goal setting:

Make them specific
Make them realistic
Make them yours

That’s all for now. Happy goal setting (and keeping)!


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